Mount Vernon Nazarene University

Staff Handbook

A Welcome from the President

Let me welcome you to the staff of Mount Vernon Nazarene University. Your contribution to the work of Christian Higher Education will be significant. Just as the Church is referred to as the "Body of Christ" with each part of the body playing an essential role, your work is a ministry. Christian vocation, wherever it is exercised, is an offering to God. Opportunities will present themselves to you as you bring your gifts to bear upon the needs of MVNU. Together we join one another in a doxology as we render our gifts to the Lord.

You will find in the Staff Handbook the policies and procedures that govern your work with us. We take our commitment to Christian faith very seriously. Your behavior should be guided by our common faith. We endeavor to foster the life and character that engenders a vital faith and piety. You will be the face of MVNU and many will decide the character of this institution based upon your life and attitude. In fact, you will probably be the first person those in the public meet. I would encourage you to be a positive influence in all of your activities.

Let me thank you in advance for your ministry on this campus. Become a part of the campus by attending campus events. We want to be a community of faith working toward the goal of changing the world with the love of Christ. This begins here at Mount Vernon, but it literally reaches around the world.

I would enjoy the opportunity to meet you personally when the opportunity presents itself.