Mount Vernon Nazarene University

Staff Handbook

Our Lifestyle Guidelines

Our lifestyle guidelines reflect the "Articles of Faith" and "Agreed Statement of Belief" of the church of the Nazarene and the Mission Statement of Mount Vernon Nazarene University. The premise of our lifestyle guidelines is to exemplify such personal, moral, and religious conduct as shall be above reproach. This lifestyle premise is for everyone working and living on campus: students, faculty, staff, and administration; and is a rationale for desirable behavior and attitudes. To be in accord with the purposes and spirit of the University and with the doctrines and standards of the Church of the Nazarene, our lifestyle practices exclude: drinking alcoholic beverages, engaging in sexual acts with anyone other than your spouse, viewing pornographic and violent videos/movies, using illegal drugs, participating in gambling, or using tobacco in any form. The University also asks employees to follow dress code guidelines.

The University expects all employees to live by this lifestyle premise. We ask for an understanding of the need for lifestyle standards, a good spirit in keeping them, and cooperative efforts in improving them. As MVNU employees, we ask that you consider the larger picture – that what we do and how we do it reflects on MVNU and affects other people as well as ourselves. Our desire is to glorify God in all our efforts.