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Tad in Academic Robes 

My Testimony

My Philosophy of the Integration of Faith with Learning

Golly! I'm an English Prof!

Read the Sea Log 2002

Read About My Experiences at the Dickens in America Conference in Lowell

Held in April 2002 in recognition of the 160th Anniversary of 

Charles Dickens' First Visit to America

Describing Dr. Rearick's journey with Five Students to Maritime Literary and Historical Sites and finally to the Sea Itself


office black and whiteHello and welcome to my space! Like the actual office of Dr. Anderson Malvin Rearick III at Mount Vernon Nazarene University, this space strives to be an eclectic and interesting zone. Unfortunately that also means things are not always as neat as they should be (what my beloved wife calls a "hopeless Mess!"). Also like my real office, I suspect that things will always be a little bizarre here and continually under repair:

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Still, I hope you will find some things of interest at this site



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·  Dr. Rearick's up-to-date vitae

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·  ClassMaster Questions and Answers

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 Here are some links to "Who Then Shall Be Saved?  A Critical Examination of Loss and Reclamation in Charles Dickens's David Copperfield" (Dissertation from University of Rhode Island--Degree Awarded in 1992) Still Under Construction Protrate of Dr. Rearick by Kyong Kim

This watercolor of me

was painted by my peer and friend

Dr. Kyong Kim in the fall of 2006


tiny bit of holly My birthday is on Christmas which may be one reason why Charles Dickens is my main man.  Look at my analysis of The Christmas Carol asTad as Dickens an overtly Christian work in my essay "Dickens' Christian Carol in Prose."


·  Take a look at my Readers' Corner to see what books I've read and what I thought of them.

·  As a reader I am also interested in writing.  Here in my lower desk drawer a few examples of  different kinds  of writing I've worked up.

·  View some of the up-coming events and discussion questions being considered by Mount Vernon's Science Fiction and Fantasy Club of which I am the advisor.


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Note-some of these files are purely temporary.   The "desk-sketch" to the right was done by a student during my January Introduction to Literature class.  Man!  I hope I don't always look so grim!

Chapel by Choice


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About Myself:

Description: Z:\english\rearick\tad2.JPGJust a few points about myself.  I am an English Professor (rank of Associate Professor) with my BA in English from Eastern Nazarene College, my Masters on Tennyson's Idylls of the King from Lehigh University and my doctorate on Charles Dickens' David Copperfield from the The University of Rhode Island.  My present position is at Mount Vernon Nazarene University.   As of Dec. 25, 2011 I am 56 (Gack!). The pic to the left is outdated since my beard is totally gray--think Santa and you will have me, an irony--seeing how I was born on Christmas and did my work on Dickens--which does not escape me.  I also have an abiding admiration for JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis and the other Inklinks

I have two amazing children, Anderson Malvin Rearick IV (Andy) who is now 18 and Laura Sue Rearick is 14.  See below for more about them.  (Hey, looking at a personal web site is like looking in a wallet--what do you expect but pictures of children and wife?

 I am happily married to a wonderful woman named Loretta Arlette (Purta) Rearick, a master pianist choral director and currently involved with her doctorate graduate work from Boston University:

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Family Album and Commentary

Description: Z:\english\rearick\Andy Pirate.jpgAnd now lets see about those children.  (First there's my SON, Anderson Malvin  Rearick IV, called "Andy." (Actually if you meet him he will tell you to call him Anderson or "Mr. Rearick."  He turned eighteen this past Sept. 1st (18! Double-Gack!) and is one of the great sources of pride in our lives  (I have no idea is that is teen-wise correct to claim) Like me, he loves graphic novels, science fiction, video games, classical music and Christmas!  He also loves Halloween, cartoons and other "weird" things for which his mother blames me.  He's even seen some scary films of which I did  not approve.  But when his mother caught him he said "Gee Mom: it's only make believe!  I mean you know this is only a movie!"  My father, hearing this story, said "Well, I suppose if one has been to Heck and back as Andy has with all his surgeries, guys wrapped up in sheets with green faces just don't impress." I do have several shots showing him first with the artificial trach and then his development from there.  See Loretta's testimony to hear the full story:

Description: Z:\english\rearick\andy_no_trach.jpgEleven Years Ago: "Praise the Lord: Andy's Trach is Out!"  Read Loretta's--his mother's--Testimony about our journey x

Description: Z:\english\rearick\album_thick_leather_andy.jpgFor more of Andy Pictures Click his Album on the Left


Note: Andy's album is a bit rough for the present but will improve in appearance and organization.

See Andy's Video Book Report for The Rise and Fall of Darth Vader:

Here's another video created by Andy as a commercial.




Description: Z:\english\rearick\laura_first day 08.jpgHere's Andy's sister, born on the 13th of May, 1997 who is now fourteen years old. (I am not the father of two teenages)  Her name is Laura Sue Rearick. Andy used to say that she was a "nice baby," now he says she's "DRIVING ME CRAZY!"   We sometime see his point but mostly agree a thousand fold with his original evaluation, only that is now upgraded to little girl.  She hates being called "the baby" but still climbs into bed with us on Saturday mornings.  She likes animals and craft work.  She used to like Barbie but told me yesterday that this is no longer true. Together they are a handful, especially when they sit side by side in the back seat of the car! Recently Laura wants to sing which is fine, but she wants complete silence from the rest of us, no talking, no radio, no tapes.  Well you can imagine her brother's response to this.  Suddenly he wants to sing too--only louder.

Description: Z:\english\rearick\album_butterflys_laura.jpgFor more pictures of Laura click on her butterfly Album to the left.

Note: Laura's album is a bit rough for the present but will improve in appearance and organization.

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  Look Out!

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Ah a memory:

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Doesn’t He Look Thrilled?

More pictures will follow as soon as I get them developed. Description: Z:\english\rearick\office.plindividuals have peeked into this no-man's land I call an office!

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